Rene Gadelha
shares our priorities

Growing our economy and creating jobs
Rene Gadelha knows we must eliminate job-killing regulations that hurt existing small businesses and new business startups. Rene will work to empower our workforce by creating more partnerships between public schools and vocational programs to ensure people have the skills they need to be successful.  

Providing the best education for our children
Rene Gadelha will draw on her experience as a parent, teacher, curriculum writer, and school board member to craft policies that meet the needs of teachers and schools, so they can give our children the tools they need to secure a bright future.


Investing in our communities and families
Rene Gadelha is committed to making our communities better, healthier places to live and raise families. In addition to initiating an “Adopt-a-Spot” program to keep neighborhoods and parks clean, Rene is committed to joining with the governor in his effort to make Iowa the healthiest state in the nation.